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Complexity is inherent in any risk. But that does not mean robust analysis of risk needs to be complicated.

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Using 'traditional' risk calculation tools felt like cracking the enigma code. The existing tools were not user-friendly at all. They were cumbersome, complicated and could only be operated by quants. It felt a bit like this: in order to drive a car, you also had to be a mechanic. 

Therefore, a totally different approach was required. So was born the idea behind Monte Carlo Plus - to provide rapidly-deployable, simple but sophisticated analysis of risks. MC+ is different to traditional tools - it is simpler and exceptionally user-friendly. You don't need to be a quant to use our tools. They are pretty self-explanatory.

They are also tried and tested: UK financial firms have been using our tools for a decade now. And, because firms can undertake sophisticated risk-based analysis simply but with a tiny learning curve, risk and regulatory capital, including sensitivity analysis, can be determined real-time in a cost-efficient way that moves firms to the next level of risk analysis and usability: adding value in decision-making - ICARA and ICAAP are child's play.

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