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Quantify Risk of Harm

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An intuitive, plug & play solution  

Full functionality at a marginal price 


Overview of ERM+.png
The problem with existing tools

Don't you think existing tools for risk management are overly complicated, not easy to use and extremely expensive to maintain?  

Our Solution

Our plug & play solution cuts through the overengineered nature of risk management. It is designed by practitioners for practitioners.


Cutting out complexity has a huge benefit: Our solution is easy to maintain and cost-effective. The cost of ownership is not an issue any more. You can now focus on decision-making rather than spending valuable time on systems.

Who are we

How it works

The Process for ERM+.png


Finally, here is a tool designed by risk managers for users. Plug & play management of risks and controls. Intuitive, easy-to-use and not over-engineered.  


100% of the functionality of larger GRC competitors at a fraction of their costs.
> Implementation in a few weeks, not months

> Low cost of ownership

Immediate Benefits of ERM+.png
How it works
Head of Risk - Major Asset Management Firm

"Enables firms to achieve more with fewer resources"

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