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Quantify Risk of Harm

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Assess the risks inherent in your business model

Fully compliant with the FCA's requirements for outcome-based focus on risk-to-client (RtC), risk-to-market (RtM) and risk-to-firm (RtF)
> Forward-looking, dynamic approach
> Measure your amount of risk
> Apply 'what-if' scenarios and stress tests


FCA Requirement re likelihood and impact
The problem with existing approaches

Don't you think existing approaches to risk measurement are overly complicated, non-compliant with regulatory guidance, and impractical? 

Our Solution

Our easy-to-use software cuts through the complexity of risk assessment, is fully compliant with the latest FCA guidance and designed by practitioners.


Quickly assess the impact of harm using ‘what if’ scenarios and estimate the potential impact of your own firm's actions, actions of others performing outsourced functions, or the failure of systems and controls. 

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How it works

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Financial firms' business models can create risk of harm to consumers or markets. Our software helps firms to identify and measure all significant harms related to the activities they undertake.


According to the FCA firms should:
> consider the risks before the controls are taken into account, 

> look at each significant risk and assess what controls are in place to remove or reduce that risk,

> assess how much risk of harm remains. 
This assessment should also inform if the risk is within or outside the Firm's risk appetite, and help the firm decide if extra controls are needed. However, the FCA also underlines the balance between financial soundness and the cost of mitigation. Our powerful 'what-if' analysis tool will help you achieve a cost-efficient trade-off level.

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How it works
Head of Risk - Major Asset Management Firm

"Enables firms to go with ease beyond regulatory requirement"

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