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Quantify Risk of Harm

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Are you an outlier?
Does your firm have a heightened risk profile?

Flying in the dark

In absence of relevant historical data, subject matter expertise is the only basis for operational risk scenario assessment.  How do you, however, compare, validate & challenge your assumptions? Without a peer analysis, it is a bit like flying in the dark.

Our Solution

Our benchmarking report carries out a like for like comparison against a common set of operational risks' inputs, assumptions and resulting capital requirements.


Our personalised benchmark report provides a direct comparison, validation & challenge for each individual risk scenario assessment. 

What is it

How it works

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A Firm's risk scenarios become suddenly visible

Firms' operational risk scenarios are mapped to Basel loss types and a set of common risk scenarios that are similar across the firms.

Like for like comparison

Risk scenarios become comparable across firms when we scale firms' assessments to firms' available capital or funds under management. 

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How it works
Head of Risk - Major Asset Management Firm

"Enables firms to compare risk scenario assessments"

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